Metcalfe & Atkinson, LLC’s media and communications practice is limited to support of freedom of the press and access to public information. We do not represent plaintiffs in defamation or invasion of privacy lawsuits against the media, nor do we represent governmental entities seeking to block access to public information or proceedings.

Our attorneys have been successful in the defense of First Amendment freedoms and have won cases in both state and federal courts.  Over the years, our clients have included major media companies across the United States, in print, broadcast, internet and social media.

We defend clients who have been sued for exercising their freedom of speech or of the press.  We also bring suit on behalf of clients whose First Amendment rights have been violated.  Our lawyers have successfully represented numerous news organizations in contesting, on First Amendment grounds, subpoenas issued by state and federal courts requiring the production of reporters’ sources, notes, and unedited raw videotape footage prepared in connection with news stories.